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Landgut-Real Estate ERP Landgut is a web based Real Estate data management system that covers entire Functionality of the Real Estate business. It is a one-stop solution for modern progressive Real Estate company. Lumextech focus on to serve the Real Estate development market, Infrastructure companies and Construction Companies. Landgut is a most user friendly Browser based Solution which combines Land Acquisition, Project costing and Management, Procurement and Commercial, Customer Monitoring, Sales and Collection, Financial Accounting System, Payroll and HR, MIS and Security Module


Benefit of the product

Landgut-Real Estate ERP Fast and reliable business decision Minimize operating and material cost Core ability to improve the efficiency of the task which will in turn save money Easy to maintain 100% accurate calculation User friendly and made for specific business Customizable for Real Estate/Developers/Group of Companies Easy customer monitoring Collections/installment options


Business Information storing in a simple and easy way Prevent all the leakages and pilferage of Development Help the decision makers with fast and accurate business reports Online integration in a single platform for making your concern paperless Approvals and authorizations of business documents are done in an effective and efficient way Advanced security and administration control Reduce project cost by 15-25% relating to materials, labor and wastages Conveniently manage business from a central control

Feature of Landgut

Landgut-Real Estate ERP
  • Efficient setting system
  • Financial management system
  • Land management
  • Project management
  • Personnel managements system
  • Attendance management system
  • Purchase and payments management module
  • Supplier management
  • Customer communication and monitoring
  • Sales and collection module
  • Material purchase on under construction
  • Individual ledger for every material
  • Stock management
  • Online order

Feature of Landgut

  • Profit \ loss report at a click
  • Reminder system to keep track of clients and appointments
  • Popup list of clients with due money
  • Automatically update clients installment amount
  • Automatically post amount to each ledger and update your account
  • SMS and mailing module