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Easy Manage

LumexTech EasyManage HR Software

Easy Manage (HR & Payroll Management System) is completely integrated Enterprise Application covering immaculate Payroll system, comprehensive Human Resource Management, authentic Attendance and Time Management System along with leave, loan, and enriched with robust obligatory modules to run your business smoothly and faultlessly. To implement this unique software sophisticated and contemporary technologies has been used to give solutions to the problems regarding any kind of Human Resource Management of any kind of organization. This inimitable software comprises all the rules of HR Management System.


Features & Benefits

Employee & Leave Management

LumexTech EasyManage HR Software
  • Define attendance capture mode for each employee
  • Enforce start time in attendance
  • View attendance calendar showing attendance, absence, travel, training etc.
  • Employee & Management can view balances of leave rules online
  • Apply for leave online
  • Track leave approvals
  • Encash leave
  • Cancel leave
  • Anytime leave ledger
  • Input reimbursable expenses made for the day

Time & Attendance

  • Define attendance capture mode for each employee
  • Enforce discipline in reporting on time, adhering to minimum work hours, etc..
  • View attendance calendar that details attendance, absence, travel, training, etc..
  • Implement an easy process to handle exceptions like late reporting, early exits, etc..
  • Assign attendance tracking for employees who are mobile


LumexTech EasyManage HR Software
  • Flexible to create multi-company payrolls with unlimited number of employees
  • Calculate tax, gratuity, medical & tax credits, final settlements, increments and arrears
  • Maintain separate salary component templates for different categories of employees
  • Has a formula builder for custom calculations
  • Offers the highest level of security. In addition to the HRMS security there is also a user level pay group security (access). This restricts the user to view only the pay groups to which they have been given rights